Mouth guards

Surprisingly high forces are imparted on the teeth when eating and chewing. If they grind against each other excessively, they can wear or even break down.

Mouth guards are an ideal solution as they protect the surfaces of the teeth and reduce painful aches and stiffness in the jaw.

It is a common problem with a simple solution. At The Windmill Dental Practice we can provide you with a custom-made mouth guard which fits comfortably to the shape of your mouth. We also have our resident specialist Andrew on hand to accommodate any specific temporomandibular joint pain. If you have any issues of this nature please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sports mouth guard

There are a variety of mouth guards available to athletes, the most common of which are called ‘boil and bite’ mouth guards found in sport shops or chemists which. These guards tend to be poor fitting and inhibit the wearer’s ability to talk clearly. They often encourage a gag reflex as they move around in the mouth too easily. It is important for any athlete, undertaking any level of contact sport that requires a mouth guard, to use a custom-made mouth guard from a dentist.

Benefits of custom-made mouth guards

If you don’t wear a mouth guard and you are hit in the face, teeth come together with such force that they can break. At worst, the jaw can also be broken and you can suffer from concussion from the shock transmitted through the skull. The long-term cost, financially and psychologically, to the sufferer is immeasurable. So it’s essential that everyone engaging in contact sport wears a custom mouth guard.

Here at The Windmill Dental Practice we use the industry-leading S4S Protex Sports Mouthguards, clinically proven to offer high quality protection.

Functions of S4S custom-made mouthguard

  • Spread the forces of a direct blow around the dental arch and mouth guard
  • Prevent lacerations to gums, tongue and cheeks
  • Reduce the risk of dento-alveolar fractures
  • Reduce risk of avulsed teeth
  • Prevent concussions

Benefits of S4S custom-made mouthguard

  • Handmade by skilled Dental Technicians
  • Incorporate individual needs based on wearer’s dental health and type of sport
  • Maximises strength in desired areas
  • Minimizes speech impairment
  • Increase wearers compliance due to comfort and individual styling
  • Excellent retention, maintaining wearers comfort

Extra benefits

  • Improve airway patency
  • Increased SpO
  • Balance the masticatory muscles to enhance performance

They come in lots of great colours too!

Mouthguard prices

Mouth guard – fom £250

Sportsguard – from £150

(Practice Plan patients will receive a 20% discount (excluding laboratory fee) and we do offer 0% finance on treatments over £1000 to help spread the cost).