Emergency Dental Services 

The unexpected can happen to anyone at any time. We’re here to help with any dental emergencies you may have, offering:

  • Expert treatment
  • Pain relief treatments
  • Saturday appointments
  • Walk-ins welcome

Dental emergencies can happen at the worst of times, and can affect work, sleep and the ability to eat and drink.

At the Windmill Dental Practice we understand this and will do our level-best to accommodate those occasions when your busy lives are interrupted. Same day appointments are available everyday and we will always strive to help, whatever the problem.

We have dental experts in all fields of dentistry and can assist with any problems you may be having.

If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms please contact us for a same day emergency appointment.


Dental pain can occur for a variety of reasons; it can be due to the sensitive part of the tooth being exposed because of gum recession, dental decay or the nerve being involved and infected. If the pain is persistent, we recommend you seek dental advice as soon as possible.

Broken Tooth

Teeth have the tendency to break when they are heavily decayed, filled or have old deteriorating fillings. Traumatic injury to the front teeth particularly can be a problem aesthetically and functionally.

Facial Swelling

Facial swellings can come about for a variety of reasons other than teeth such as blocked salivary glands or infected skin cysts. However, if there is associated tooth pain and swelling around the gum, it is likely to be a dental problem. Facial swellings that have come about over a short period of time are usually a sign of infection which may need antibiotic treatment. If the swelling is interfering with your ability to breathe or causing loss of vision please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Emergency Dental Treatment Prices

New Patient Emergency Appointment £150

Includes all radiographs and antibiotics if needed. Cost of treatment will incur an additional charge.

Patient Emergency Appointment £73