Cheek Augmentation

Loss of volume around the mid-face is a tell-tale sign of ageing and is important to address when considering anti-ageing treatments. With dermal fillers we can replace the lost volume in the mid-face to replenish the skin condition and restore a youthful appearance.

What is the mid-face?
The mid-face is defined as the area under the eyes and above the mouth and includes all bony and soft-tissue compartments within that space. There are several fat components in this area that are either superficial or deep to the skin. These deep fat compartments are a major determining factor in the overall outer structure and appearance of the face.

Aging in this area usually results in the cheeks falling closer to the mouth and nose. As a result, a patient’s smile lines become deeper and more permanent and the transition between the mid-face and lower face is more noticeable. This is often described as a “falling” face.

After a full consultation our expert clinicians, Jacy or Fay, will assess if the mid-face volume needs replenishing in order to achieve the most natural and youthful end result.

What is the cost of cheek augmentation?
Prices start from £400 for 1 syringe of dermal filler, with each additional syringe £275.

How long does it last?
The product used for cheek augmentation tends to last a little longer ranging from 9 months to 2 years. The range is wide and variable because this depends on many factors including a patient’s metabolism and the amount used.