Watch Jacy’s talk on ITVs Lorraine Breakfast show on Monday 12th Feb 2024. Talking about about how to take good care of our teeth, foods to avoid and preparing food at home that avoid all those deadly sugars!

What are sugars?

There are 2 types of sugar. Intrinsic sugar found in whole foods like fruit, vegetables and milk. These form part of the cells structure, take longer to digest, and do not cause a spike in our blood sugar levels. They are not considered a huge concern to our overall health.

The other type, free sugars, are the ones we have to look out for. These are essentially sugars that have been freed from the cells through processing, juicing etc. they are found in table sugars, fruit juices and concentrates, syrups and honeys. The government daily recommended allowance is 30g for anyone over the age of 11. On average, we consume double this in the UK.

Not only are sugars bad for our dental health, they increase the risk of getting type 2 Diabetes, and the spikes in blood sugar lead to chronic inflammation which can be attributed to an increased risk oh heart disease and diabetes.

What does this mean for our teeth?

Our mouth is a neutral environment, until we eat or drink anything other than still water, then it becomes acidic. It takes us, on average, around 1 hour to neutralise this acid.

We recommend you eat three meals a day and have a snack at one other time. And just drink water between meals. This limits the amount of acid attacks on the teeth.

What else can we do to prevent tooth decay?

1. Check you have the correct fluoride in your toothpaste. 3 years and under it’s 1000 parts per million fluoride and over 3 1450ppm fluoride.
2. ⁠Don’t rinse after brushing. This will just wash away that fluoride. If you like to use a mouthwash, use it at an alternative time to brushing.
3. ⁠Brush last thing at night and at one other time of day. Jacy recommends brushing before breakfast. We know that when we eat our teeth become covered in acid. We don’t want to scrub that acid onto our tooth surface. This, over time will cause damage to the enamel.
4. ⁠try batch cooking at home rather than buy processed food from the supermarkets. This way you can control the ingredients. And this saves money too.

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