• There are lots of different types of mouthwashes and it can get very confusing. The most important message we can give you is that you MUST use it at a different time of day to brushing! You don’t want to wash away any of the fluoride you have used when brushing your teeth
  • Stick to the mouthwash that your clinician has advised you to use. To strengthen your teeth, we would recommend Fluorigard. This is an alcohol free mouthwash.
  • Some brands like Listerine can be quite strong, especially if they have alcohol in them and a lot of the time,not much of the good stuff that you need. The alcohol can dry your mouth out which is not good for the acids in your mouth that surround your teeth.
  • If you have gum problems, we may recommend Corsodyl which is a good mouthwash BUT only for a limited amount of time so do listen to your clinicians advice. Prolonged use of corsodyl can stain your teeth which is bad news
  • Remember, high fluoride and a different time of day to brushing is best.

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